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Second Session Summary
A Schism in the Ranks (or) On the Turning Away

It has been a few weeks since the Shovel Party that brought many of the city’s residents into the unlife. Eleanor A. Holliday, Prince of Rochester held court at her apartment building and several new cainites were introduced to the court.
The evening was quite eventful, seeing the first encounter with the Sabbat Bishop of Rochester, Argus Menshyn. After a brief encounter with the court at large, Argus returned and kidnapped Ai-chan and Mi-chan. The dolls were killed and embraced, and along with fellow convert Tomaz Hostnik the Sabbat gained the makings of a new attack squad.
After an attack that damaged the west wing of the apartment complex, the court was dispersed explosively. In an attempt to learn more about the mysterious goings on, several members of the court paid a visit to the Straight Jacket Dancing Club, where they met Mikael and were treated to his circular version of hospitality.
A few members even sought out the good Bishop Marcus Costanzo who advised them to make informed decisions about joining the Sabbat.
There was an assault on Eleanor Holiday’s person, which resulted in the “staking & lake-ing” of the Ventrue Axel Larson, followed by another attack by men in a black SUV or the return trip from the lake.

[Daiv’s Note]
There was more that happened, but this is where I look to you my players… Tell us about your character’s evening and what notable event transpired. Add them as comments here, or send them to me and I’ll ad them to the post.

Session 2

The second session will be Friday Oct. 1st right after the BGA meeting. anyone have any questions, or anything they want their character to do between now and then let me know.
The wiki seems to be coming along nicely… there’s a brief log of the first session, feel free to add to it. First Session

How is everyone finding this Obsidian portal as a communication/action toy? Let me know if we should keep going with it, or if you have ideas on how to improve it.

Anyone who bought or is buying the Influence background, let me know which one and what level so I can put it in a chart. The chart will be up on here, letting everyone know who controls what (in so far as the influence is public ;-)) These influences can do some pretty neat things for your character, and can be a major bargaining chip when you want something from another player.

Also, get those character pages up. Remember they are worth up to 5 xp for a good one.
Look at some of the ones up already, and include a message to me with anything thats secret so I can put it on your GM only section to help Raven, Josh, and I plan the festivities.

Lastly, bring your friends. The more players we have, the more people you have to rule over when you take power….. or whatever you’re hoping to accomplish.


"A New Court in Rochester"

A new court has been appointed in Rochester. Eleanor A. Holliday has been appointed prince of the city, and now presides over what may be the most rag tag assemblage of blood sucking denizens of the night the east coast has seen since the civil war.

Theo Bell and the former prince of the city uncovered a Sabbat Shovel Party in progress. The prince fell in battle, but the city of Rochester gained several new allies in its war against the Sabbat. ( see Character Introduction )

Soon after the attack the surviving members of the old court and the the surviving members of the Sabbat Attack were gathered at an apartment complex owned byEleanor A. Holliday The survivors of the Shovel Party ranged the spectrum from conservative businessman to Russian anarchist. Theo was just explaining the nature of unlife to the neonates, when a pair of Holliday’s blood dolls were beset by an immense mutant humanoid.

Theo Bell managed to wound the beast, but it escaped alive, and with the former prince’s body in tote.

While Bell hunted alone, Mark a servant of the deranged club owner Mikol came to report a break in at the Straight Jacket Dancing Club and the theft of one of their “sheep”. Armed with this new lead, the contingent cunningly commandeered a conveyance and conspired to chart their competitor.

A creature of this stature loose upon the city of Rochester was not hard to find, and the quick thinking of Dr. Alan Falam and artful sword work of Mi and Ai ended the creature’s abominable existence moments before the Shylock ignited the damaged ambulance and the creatures corpse in an explosion which spread to several nearby buildings, and had emergency crews scrambling to contain the blaze until dawn.

Back at the apartment complex Theo received a call removing him to the west coast, promoting the immediate need to select a new prince…

Character Introduction
How'd we get here?

This will be how most of the original players join the game, vampire and ghoul alike.

It’s a normal, human(ish) day at the office, whatever that means for you. You are on your way from/to (- insert character appropriate travel here -), when you feel a sharp pain on the back of the neck and lose consciousness. When you awaken the stench of fresh earth is almost overpowering. While you marvel at how crisp everything appears, the wet fog rolls back to reveal the sound of a scuffle a short way off. As you prop yourself up to gain purchase your hand sinks into the warm… is that…it can’t be?! GROSSS!!! You are laying in a pit atop a pile of bodies, many of them mangled and torn. Others, some you are certain should not, are beginning to struggle. Fear surges through your body and you feel the primal fight or flight response taking hold. Exerting momentous willpower you suppress the urge to flee and begin to take cautious stock. One of your fellow victims staggers to its feet, and stumbles away from the crude pit. Moments later the sickeningly unmistakable THWACK of a baseball bat connecting… As the poor soul’s head sails over the pit are drawn back to the fight, forgotten at the sight of the carnage below. A second cry rings out in the fog. The outline of a body, just visible, falls face down at the edge of the pit. As a handful of stragglers gather at the edge of the crude grave, a stocky combatant wielding a bat and a Yankees cap reaches down and checks the dead man for signs of life. Looking up he seems surprised to see you staring staring back “I’m Theo, Theo Bell. Welcome to the World of Darkness”

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