BGA World of Darkness LARP

Session 2

The second session will be Friday Oct. 1st right after the BGA meeting. anyone have any questions, or anything they want their character to do between now and then let me know.
The wiki seems to be coming along nicely… there’s a brief log of the first session, feel free to add to it. First Session

How is everyone finding this Obsidian portal as a communication/action toy? Let me know if we should keep going with it, or if you have ideas on how to improve it.

Anyone who bought or is buying the Influence background, let me know which one and what level so I can put it in a chart. The chart will be up on here, letting everyone know who controls what (in so far as the influence is public ;-)) These influences can do some pretty neat things for your character, and can be a major bargaining chip when you want something from another player.

Also, get those character pages up. Remember they are worth up to 5 xp for a good one.
Look at some of the ones up already, and include a message to me with anything thats secret so I can put it on your GM only section to help Raven, Josh, and I plan the festivities.

Lastly, bring your friends. The more players we have, the more people you have to rule over when you take power….. or whatever you’re hoping to accomplish.



If there was an iPhone app this site would be more useful. :)

Session 2

I’m making good use of it.

Session 2

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