BGA World of Darkness LARP

"A New Court in Rochester"

A new court has been appointed in Rochester. Eleanor A. Holliday has been appointed prince of the city, and now presides over what may be the most rag tag assemblage of blood sucking denizens of the night the east coast has seen since the civil war.

Theo Bell and the former prince of the city uncovered a Sabbat Shovel Party in progress. The prince fell in battle, but the city of Rochester gained several new allies in its war against the Sabbat. ( see Character Introduction )

Soon after the attack the surviving members of the old court and the the surviving members of the Sabbat Attack were gathered at an apartment complex owned byEleanor A. Holliday The survivors of the Shovel Party ranged the spectrum from conservative businessman to Russian anarchist. Theo was just explaining the nature of unlife to the neonates, when a pair of Holliday’s blood dolls were beset by an immense mutant humanoid.

Theo Bell managed to wound the beast, but it escaped alive, and with the former prince’s body in tote.

While Bell hunted alone, Mark a servant of the deranged club owner Mikol came to report a break in at the Straight Jacket Dancing Club and the theft of one of their “sheep”. Armed with this new lead, the contingent cunningly commandeered a conveyance and conspired to chart their competitor.

A creature of this stature loose upon the city of Rochester was not hard to find, and the quick thinking of Dr. Alan Falam and artful sword work of Mi and Ai ended the creature’s abominable existence moments before the Shylock ignited the damaged ambulance and the creatures corpse in an explosion which spread to several nearby buildings, and had emergency crews scrambling to contain the blaze until dawn.

Back at the apartment complex Theo received a call removing him to the west coast, promoting the immediate need to select a new prince…



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