Axel Larson (Torpored)


I’m 5’10" with shoulder length brown hair that I take care of every day and make sure it has properly voluminous. Still wear my glasses because they are so familiar and I look better with them. Usually wearing business attire with a very nice tie :P I present my self with kindness but power. Charm and power at the same time. I am also a member of the Ventrue Clan.


I am the branch manager for the Pittsford Chase bank. I love money and being able to buy what I need, when I need it. I one day want to control all of the Chase Banks within the Rochester area, maybe, even multiple companies. I own a manor house at 942 Lake Road, its a cozy house on the cliffs over looking Lake Ontario in Webster, one of the more prominent suburbs of Rochester. I can be convincing and love control. If you think you can’t be bought, you are in the wrong world, no matter which it is!

Axel Larson (Torpored)

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