Bradley Cunningham

Toreador of minor motion picture fame


Bradley is a your stereotypical tall dark and handsome movie star. Of course, he thinks much more of his motion picture success than those around him do, and he often takes offense when people don’t recognize him.

He has just moved back to Rochester after spending the last few decades in Hollywood, planning to reopen his dormant film company, White Ox Films.

He loves the company of beautiful women and will spend a great deal of money to surround himself with the same. Although, as any woman (mortal or not) who has been with him will tell you, “his eyes are always a thousand miles away” or “you just can’t get close to him”

A WWI fighter pilot Ace, Bradley has enjoyed being in and out of public limelight for nearly a century under several different guises. His embrace in the sixties caused an existential crisis that resulted in, as Bradley put it, “my doing my own stunts”. The embrace itself is largely a matter of public record. His wife committed suicide in a “demonic ritual” intended to release a great demon, it nearly burned down their home in the fashionable east ave neighborhood. Bradley is now under the belief that a vampire manipulated his wife, and he has sworn to avenge her at any cost.

Bradley Cunningham

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