Dr. Nicholai Kravich

A Reserved, Friendly historian who gets a bit too much into his work.


Dr. Nicholai Kravich
Player: Dale Experience Unspent: 0 Date Printed: October 1, 2010
Character ID: Total Experience Earned: 0 Last Modified: October 1, 2010
Status: Active Narrator: Starting Date: October 1, 2010

Clan: Brujah Generation: 8 Nature: Fanatic
Sect: Camarilla Title: Demeanor: Progressive
Coterie/Pack: Sire:

Blood: 15 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Morality Path: Humanity Aura: +0
Willpower: 6 OOOOOO Morality Traits: 2 OO Self-Control/Instinct: 4 OOOO
Conscience/Conviction: 2 OO Courage: 4 OOOO

4 Physical Traits: 7 Social Traits: 7 Mental Traits:
O Dexterous OOO Composed x3 OO Intelligent x2
O Resilient OO Manipulative x2 OO Intuitive x2
OO Strong x2 OO Persuasive x2 OOO Resolved x3

0 Negative Physical Traits: 0 Negative Social Traits: 0 Negative Mental Traits:

9 Abilities: Disciplines:
OO Academics x2 Celerity: Alacrity (basic)
OO Firearms x2 Presence: Awe (basic)
OO Leadership x2 Presence: Dread Gaze (basic)
O Linguistics
OO Occult x2

0 Status: Rituals:

11 Backgrounds: 4 Influences: Miscellaneous Traits:
OOOOO Generation x5 University x4
OOO Influence x3
OOO Resources x3

Derangements: Blood Bonds/Vinculum: Boons:

Merits: Flaws:
Enchanting Voice (2) Disease Carrier (4, Rabies)
Natural Leader (1) Infectious Bite (3, Rabies)

Equipment: Health Levels:
Chain Mail (0, 2 Armor Levels, Heavy) OO Healthy x2
Pistol (
2, 2 Lethal, Loud) OOO Bruised x3
Rifle (3, 2 Lethal, Loud) OO Wounded x2
Scope O Incapacitated
Shotgun (
3, 2 Lethal) O Torpor
Sound Suppressor x2

Dr. Kravich wears his chainmail tucked under his shirt, and carries a large suitcase at all times. It is locked with what appears to be a small key and a combination lock. The pistol is stored in a holster in the left side breast area of his suit jacket.


Dr. Kravich takes a differing approach to kindred history. He searches actively for anything detailing the unknown begginings of the kindred. He has a passion for history only surpassed by his lust for teaching. He will sometimes take other kindred in as members of his coterie and teach them all he has learned in an effort to extend his research to new levels with kindred who share his passion for the truth of kindred origins.

Dr. Nicholai Kravich

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