Drake Sarnen (Decesed again)


A former Ventrue who is now a memeber of the Sabbat. Drake is about 5’10’ with bright blond hair a goatee. He usually wears a nice suit and carries his briefcase. He can be very chill but also loves to drive a hard bargain!


Drake Sarnen was fed up with the Camerila after awhile. So he jumped ship and went over to Sabbat and has enjoyed it every since. Drake is one of the go to lawyers in New York City and is also a pretty big financier down there. He was respected in the Sabbat in New York City. The bishop down there has tasked him with a new task though, to go and help the Sabbat upstate. So Drake made his way to Rochester and is now helping the Sabbat there to deal with their Camerila problem.

Drake Sarnen (Decesed again)

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