Eleanor A. Holliday

Malkavian. Five-foot-two, brown hair, green eyes. Landlady, matchmaker, entrepeneur.


I belong to Clan Malkavian. I am the current Prince of Rochester. Behave and we’ll have no problems.


I live at 1372 East Ave. Rochester, NY. It is a very nice house, and you can’t have it. I also own an apartment building at 15 Savannah St. Rochester, NY, and I sometimes have rooms to rent. I’ve resided in Rochester for a very long time, thank you very much. I have seen several courts come and go, and I’m still here. I’ve stuck around by not trying to take from other people who matter. You leave mine alone, and I’ll leave yours alone. Of course, civil behavior breeds civil behavior. If you’re good to me, I can be good to you. I can be very good to you.

Eleanor A. Holliday

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