Leo Bragen

Brujah Gun for Hire


Leo is technically Brujah if you can consider him that. He doesn’t feel much closeness with his clan and likes to work independently. You can usually catch Leo in his boots, jeans, a t-shirt with a British rock band on it like The Who or Queen and his leather bomber jacket. You can hear his presence be announced by his Harley-Davidson chopper he rides around. He also usually carries around some sort of weapon, whether it’s noticeable or concealed. Leo is 5’ 10" with long blond hair and green eyes.


Leo grew up with his dad missing most of the since he was constantly “working”. His dad kept saying he was going on business, when he was actually going to complete his contract being from a few hours to weeks on end. He was always interested in the military and as a kid was able to find all the hiding places others couldn’t. So when he grew older, he joined the military and then the Black Ops to be one of their snipers. He was never able to settle down since he traveled the world completing his missions. After years of missions, he stopped in London for a bit where he stayed awhile trying to eliminate the target. It was in London that he was embraced. He decided that after becoming a vampire he couldn’t be Black Ops anymore, so he left after completing the mission at hand. After that though, Leo has had to move around a bit since he made enemies along the way. He was going to head to Rochester to see if he could find work there, but heard it was hit by the Technocracy, so he stopped in Buffalo. After awhile, he left to go to Rochester near the end of January since he thought it would be safe now the Technocracy had left. While around, he heard that this new club, Khaos, might provide some employment opportunities…

Leo Bragen

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