Marcus Costanzo

Bishop, but not THAT Bishop.


A skeletally gaunt figure with fair skin, standing nearly six and a half feet tall, the good bishop has mannerisms which makes even the most devout follower feel as though the eyes of G-d are staring right into their soul through the portal of the bishop’s eyes.


Bishop Costanzo is not only the former head of the Sabbat in Rochester, he is also a leader in the local Catholic Diocese. As Bishop Emeritus he has the privilege of presiding over any mass he likes, anywhere in the city. He has stepped down from day to day duties of managing the sabbat in deference to his clan mate Argus Menshyn

Children fear him as they would a headmaster, and adult parishioners will go out of their way to give confession to another priest whenever possible; however there is little the good Bishop Costanzo likes better than taking confession, and he often takes the overnight shift at a church.

He can be found at the most often at the confessional of the Saint George Roman Catholic Lithuanian Church.

He considers all vampires and supernatural creatures to be members of his flock (the Sabbat at large) and will speak with anyone who seeks an audience in the guise of giving confession.
And offers “rewards” to those who seek forgiveness. But be warned, his power is reputably formidable should one refuse their offered penance

Marcus Costanzo

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