Michael Vortuse (1st Edition)

I've recently been turned into a Vampire of the Tremere clan, I remember my past life only vaguely, I don't like to fight and only do so when absolutely necessary, I mostly keep to myself and will help almost anyone I can, I judge but am open-minded.


Weapon: My only physical weapon is a linked-swivel-blade called “The 13th Hour” in which it’s two blades resemble pre-victorian clock hands, both blades are double edged, though both blades are the same length one of them has a curl lower than the other to resemble the “short” hand, both blades can be locked in any 90 degree angle and unlocked with two buttons on the handle that control each blade seperately, when in it’s folded position the blades are hidden under a black stained metal cover while the blades themselves are silver, the weapon has intricate designs of victorian flourishes along with the phrase “Never The Same” in the lost language of Seturian engraved on the cover. It’s only powerful if used correctly.

Special abilities: Omniscience, I’m able to read my surroundings to understand what’s going on from a higher standpoint from most others, and I can recall experiences by others in random occasions and the importance varies from useless trivia to complete foresights. I understand things easily and can interpret outcomes. I can also find my only weapon if I lose it with accuracy varying by distance.


With my vague recollection of my past I only remember my family and my forging business. I’m mostly shy but can overcome it when needed, I’m non-violent in nature, I’m compassionate and empathetic to others, I don’t do well when put on the spot if I’m caught off gaurd, I respect others unless they do something specific for me to revoke it, I’m courageous but careful, and I have a lot of self determination. I have spent several years working on an advanced combat weapon I call “The 13th Hour” and have put the final touches on it just after being turned into a Vampire. I train with it constantly but I still have a ways to go to unleash the full potential that I built into it. It was inspired by a fictional game I played along with a few DaVinci concepts and some of my own personal touches. I cut a ring for my finger from the center shaft and can sense it’s presence if I lose it and it has not been destroyed. The closer it is, the more accurately I can place it. I live in Miss Holliday’s appartment building and respect and trust her the most out of everyone while adjusting to my new life.

Michael Vortuse (1st Edition)

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