"The Shylocke"

That goddamn know-it-all that everyone dislikes but can't really live without.


“The Shylocke” is known by many faces and guises. The face most commonly associated with “The Shylocke” is that of a middle-aged clergyman of either the Greek Orthodox Church or the Hasidic sect of Judaism. No one is exactly sure what “The Shylocke” actually looks like.


“The Shylocke” has been a fixture on the frontiers of the Camarilla/Sabbat war for the last fifty years. He is an ardent supporter of the Camarilla’s cause but feels that the ivory tower has gotten staid and stuffy in its secure cities. Thus he haunts the edges of Camarilla society as a war corespondent.

“The Shylocke” as a Nosferatu is very adept at judicious uses of the discipline Obfuscate. He is never seen in public without the discipline being active to hide his true appearance.

“The Shylocke” has an informant network so diverse that it simply seems magical. He has been to be able to pull various bits of esoteric information together on short notice to unravel a number of Sabbat plots in the US. Due to his secretive nature, no one is exactly sure who his informants are. But the extent and depth of his access to information and rumor has earned him the respect of every prince and archon he has met, even if his attitude has cost him their admiration.

“The Shylocke”’s attitude toward other vampires tends to be fairly black and white. The Camarilla, even if it is a stuffy collection right-wing freaks, is the better of the sects. The Sabbat are like kindergartners with a nuclear bomb, dangerous but unaware of the big picture. Respect, like forgiveness, is to be earned, not given. Everybody gets the benefit of the doubt until they fuck it up.

"The Shylocke"

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