Tomaz Hostnik

Disenchanted Yugoslav, now a legbreaker


I’m a 6’0 Yugoslav Brujah, in my day I have been many things, an ardent believer, a war eager youth, and now hired muscle, I’m in a new land and I will make my place here.


I grew up in the last gasps of that once beautiful country Yugoslavia, before the wars that tore us apart. Like any loyal citizen I signed up at the tender young age of 16 to fight, that was in 93 and the two years I spent in uniform completely destroyed my faith in the system. I lost many and good friend and comrade, and today keep the uniform as a constant reminder that the system is useless. After the war, poor and broken I made the decision to pack up and leave my ruined country. I signed up to act as a “collection agent” for some “legitimate bankers” to pay my way over. My time with them may be done but I still keep in touch, after all its always useful to have job opportunities. For now I squat at the Dmitri House on 102 North Union, it ain’t pretty but its free and the clients don’t mind another person fed up with the system.

Tomaz Hostnik

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