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Welcome Everyone!

So, our game has a Wiki. We’ll use this space to keep track of some fun stuff, and actually conduct some gaming right here in the forums and on the character pages.

There will be a bunch of pages that only I can edit like The Territory Map

Character pages for all the characters,
like Theo Bell
You’ll be able to edit yours as you like.

Main Pages

Character Creation
The Clans
Who is Who of the City

Check out this video on LARPing

Never Hit a Woman

What is a LARP?

LARPing is very similar to table top gaming, except we focus more on the roleplaying and less

on the rolling. Plus, we wear costumes and wander around more. This should not intimidate you if
you are a new player. It’s EASY! The system for the game is likewise very simple, and the success
of your character is dependent primarily on your skill as a role-player.
There may be times when it’s of more benefit to harming your friends as well as (or instead
of) the “bad guy”. If you can’t handle that, this might not be the right game for you. If, on the
other hand you fancy the chance to best your friends in a game of political maneuvering or even
flat out want to stab their character in the heart with a 3×5 index card (we use these for
item’s we don’t have/want to carry around), then this is the game for you.

What is My Character Like?

You are playing a vampire. These are not (mostly, like 95%, but there’s gonna be one no matter what I do) I stress NOT the vampires from twilight or true blood. They are not fuzzy or cuddly. Other than that, how you act is entirely up to you. You have eternity… What will YOU do with it? For those that HAVE played, we are making just one significant change. Instead of rock-paper-scissor challenges (which get tedious), roll 1d10+dots in relevant skill/ability, burn a trait to retest. For those of you that haven’t, that’s the most complicated bit of math you’re going to deal with and the number of dots will almost always be less than 10, so you can see its simple.

You get XP for things like:
1)Coming in costume
2)Being ambitious
3)Solving problems
4)Role-Playing your character concept
5)Helping n00bz
6)And learning something new

Main Page

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