The Clans

13 Clans

As the legend goes Cain embraced three humans (the second generation) who were all

slain before the Great Flood. Those 2nd generation vampires embraced 13 other humans (the third
generation) before their ultimate demise at the hands of their children of the 3rd generation.
Cain, upon learning of the treachery of the 3rd generation, cursed them each with a unique
weakness that has carried down to each of their descendants to this day. These cursed
Antediluvians are the clan founders.

Later through the kindred history some of the clans were replaced by bloodlines as the older

clans were either killed off or their numbers so reduced that they were thought to be extinct. The following is a listing of the major Clans and Bloodlines of the modern era and a little bit about them.

*For the purpose of our game the only PC clans are the Camarilla clans. Those are the first seven listed here, Brujah through Ventrue. Caitiff are highly restricted, but may be considered on a case by case basis. You may also choose to play a ghoul. As the game progresses I may open up other options… *


Brujah: Camarilla supporters, these kindred tend to be high-strung rebels with a thirst for a good fight (and each has their own definition of a good fight or cause). Their rage is their weakness.

Gangrel: These loners often seem to have more in common with animals then humans or
kindred. Many more can be found roaming the wilds and badlands than in the cities. They
also are the only clan which seems to be able to move through the territory of the
werewolves freely. As these kindred succumb more and more to the rage within they start
to resemble that beast.

Malkavian: The children of Malkav are one of the original clans and supporters of the Camarilla. Each of these poor souls is inflicted by a derangement of the mind in one form
or another. In fact a few decades ago the kindred world was shocked as many Malkavians
saw their disciplines shift to better resemble the madness within.

Nosferatu: These poor fools will forever look like grotesque monsters. They are however
some of the most staunch supporters of the Camarilla. As well the Nosferatu as a clan are
the best source of information on any topic or anyone if you can pay their price.

Toreador: This clan of artists is composed of Camarilla supports for the most part. The
Toreador are the “beautiful people” and seen as the antithesis to the Nosferatu in the
looks department. They are fascinated with all things beautiful which can be a weakness
to them at times.

Tremere: This upstart clan is made of wizards and warlocks of unequaled power. They
are supporters of the Camarilla and make up the backbone of its army. It is said though
that their ties to their clan’s inner circle are stronger then that they hold to sect, or prince.

Ventrue: The nominal leaders of the Camarilla these vampires believe they are all
destined to be leaders and royalty. There are two things Ventrue are exceedingly good at;
gaining power and keeping it! They all have particular taste in the vitae they will ingest.


Assamite: These kindred recently joined the Camarilla. Those of the Assamite blood are
well known as assassins hell-bent on a crusade of some unknown goal. They are based in
the Middle East and feared by most other kindred.

Followers of Set: This independent group of kindred believes they gain their power
through following the will of the ancient Egyptian god Set. They tend to deal in all forms
of sin and have an affinity for snakes.

Giovanni: One of the upstart clans, this independent family only embraces those who are
born into the mortal line of the Giovanni family. These kindred delve into the realms of
Necromancy for insight and power. Every deal they make has a hidden agenda and cost.

Caitiff: Clanless fools who mostly want to be left out of things. While they are often, but
not always, misguided they do tend to see things that others miss.

The Sabbat

Lasombra: These dark lords are the leadership behind the Sabbat. At times these kindred
seem to be one with the very shadows they are able to manipulate. Their very nature
seems twisted towards darkness and deep water where the sun cannot reach.

Tzimisce: Potent sorceries, crumbling castles, forbidding mountains, villages of huddled and fearful peasants play through the history of the Tzimisce. The scholarly Fiends trace their roots to the demesnes of Eastern Europe, where they ruled as feudal lords over a superstitious populace. Even in the modern day, anachronistic behavior and uncommon occult insight are hallmarks of the Tzimisce.

The Clans

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