Who is Who of the CIty

Currently the city of Rochester, NY in its position as a contested territory is home to members of both the Camarilla and the Sabbat. This page mentions all of the major factions which are active in the city.


There are three Sabbat packs present in the city, they are at odds with each other as much as the Camarilla.


Led by the giant of a man Jean Vallayan (AKA Big John), the anarchs are a gang of ruffians populated by the less tasteful members of society. Their ranks include everything from gun runners and meth cooks, to Uri the club’s accountant, to out and out thugs for hire.


This pack, led by the indomitable Marcus Costanzo, is made up of vampires so dedicated to the cause and ethics of the Sabbat that their code of conduct rivals that of the Camarilla in stricture. Made up largely of Lasombra and Tzimisce, their membership is the type to don the mantle of “Dark Lords of the Night”, playing humanity off on itself like chess pieces.

The Straight Jacket Dancing Club

Perhaps the most unusual Sabbat presence in Rochester is Mikael, proprietor of the Straight Jacket Dancing Club. Not a pack in the traditional sense, Mikael maintains dominion over a small group of revenants who work as staff at the night club.


A new court has been established under Eleanor A. Holliday and “The Shylocke” has been declared sherriff.

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Who is Who of the CIty

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