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Second Session Summary

A Schism in the Ranks (or) On the Turning Away

It has been a few weeks since the Shovel Party that brought many of the city’s residents into the unlife. Eleanor A. Holliday, Prince of Rochester held court at her apartment building and several new cainites were introduced to the court.
The evening was quite eventful, seeing the first encounter with the Sabbat Bishop of Rochester, Argus Menshyn. After a brief encounter with the court at large, Argus returned and kidnapped Ai-chan and Mi-chan. The dolls were killed and embraced, and along with fellow convert Tomaz Hostnik the Sabbat gained the makings of a new attack squad.
After an attack that damaged the west wing of the apartment complex, the court was dispersed explosively. In an attempt to learn more about the mysterious goings on, several members of the court paid a visit to the Straight Jacket Dancing Club, where they met Mikael and were treated to his circular version of hospitality.
A few members even sought out the good Bishop Marcus Costanzo who advised them to make informed decisions about joining the Sabbat.
There was an assault on Eleanor Holiday’s person, which resulted in the “staking & lake-ing” of the Ventrue Axel Larson, followed by another attack by men in a black SUV or the return trip from the lake.

[Daiv’s Note]
There was more that happened, but this is where I look to you my players… Tell us about your character’s evening and what notable event transpired. Add them as comments here, or send them to me and I’ll ad them to the post.


After getting called to the meeting and trying to use the Ventrue to achieve his ends, Dr. Falam is somewhat disconsorted on where he stands, on one hand the Ivory Tower offers him a head of its concil. On the other the ruthlessly organized and powerful Sabbat are making his “Allies” look like idiots. After seeking out the bishop and hearing the man of the Cloth Falam has done some thinking and has some talking to do…

Second Session Summary

After waking up from a 200 yeas slumber Laughing Bear has found the world has changed in many ways, though this was not entirely unexpected. the most striking deference is that there are more vampires than there once were who have opposing bureaucracies setup. Having been revived by one faction and approached by the other with a generous offer he now has a choice to make.

Second Session Summary

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